ACU Baseball

Dear ABC Sports Vans,

Thank you for an amazing experience with our (3) 15 Passenger Van rentals the last 2 years when we have flown as a team.  The process was easy and convenient with superb customer service. We got our vans super quick at each airport while saving a ton of money in our tight budget for a small college.  Thank you for your time, service and commitment to ACU Baseball.


ACU Baseball Program

Lutheran HS

Just wanted to touch base with you on the van program. We have used it the last 2 years

and it’s a lifesaver. Quick, easy, all in one place for ordering and the price is right. You

have been great to work with and always got it right...the right vans were ready when

they were supposed to be and we never had any issues.  Hopefully your company sticks

around...just wanted to touch base on it.


Coach Crandall

Lutheran HS

Lake Oswego HS

On behalf of Lake Oswego Baseball we have been pleased with the easy accommodations of scheduling vehicles as well as it's support staff.  They have made it very easy to get the vehicles we need bringing 30+ players and coaches for many years.  It's great to not have to shop rates and know what we are getting and the price is consistent with the market if not cheaper.  This type of trip takes a tremendous amount of planning and to easily do this through their services takes a lot of the stress and time management out of it. 

Jake Anders

Head Baseball Coach

Lake Oswego HS, OR